The interest of American high school students for STEM subjects is no longer as some years ago.

52% of Americans believe that these subjects are too complex and the ACT Maths test scores (just to quote one) have reached their historical minimum in the last 20 years now, as stated in this article published by Forbes.

Who can find solutions to this problem better than students? SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) should have realized it and decided to conduct a survey on 1,500 American high school students asking them how STEM subjects could be more attractive.

The results show that students really seem to have made the solution to the problem pretty clear: among the less conventional answers the survey stated that 56.7% would like schools to promote participation in fun science-related projects and competitions, 49% would like the lessons in STEM to be more relatable to real life and 32% would like teachers to add a little more of ... humor to their lessons.