In this guide we will summarize all the questions most frequently asked by the platform users during the project enrollment period and the answer we gave them.

  1. Team members enrollment
  2. Underaged user registration
  3. Images  property
  4. Minimum information to succeed
  5. Publishing license
  6. Validity of the changes made after enrollment
  7. Your entrance ticket to International STEM Awards 2020
  8. Duplicated enrollment
  9. Why take care of your project online presentation

1. Team members enrollment

All and only the actual team members must be listed in the team members box inside the project window.

This means that each team member must first have a personal account.

The project creator must add all the team members to the project through an invitation: the project creator can invite the team members one at the time by entering their nicknames (if they already have an account) or by entering their email (the one they used for registration or one they will use to register) into the team members box.

People that receive the invitation have two ways to accept it: by clicking the link they received through the invitation email or by entering their account and pushing the Accept button.

After that, the nickname of the new team member will be automatically added to the team member box.

Remember that no adults aged more than 25 must be listed inside this box. If there is one, please remove her or him.
Remember also that three is the maximum number of members allowed to take part in the team.

2. Underaged user registration

During the registration process, the system deduces your age from your birthday date and, if you are underage, asks you to provide an email belonging to an adult.

The adult will be asked to confirm your registration.

3. Images property

The team must own the rights for the use of the images uploaded to the project.

If you have any doubt about the usage of the images, please follow this guide.

4. Minimum information to succeed

In order to allow the organization to better manage your participation and the judges to better evaluate your project, you have to provide a minimum amount of information through the project documentation.

Most important are team members (see point 1) and an abstract that sums up the most significant features of the projects. Possibly the abstract must be the first chapter entered in the project documentation, so the judges can immediately get an idea of the content.

Other important information are tags, who allow the organization to have a fast check on the topics covered by the project.

Last but not least a bibliography.

Remember that one of the judging criteria, especially for the projects that compete in the Cadets and Pioneers categories, is just the scientific accuracy.

5. Publishing license

When you enrolled your project you accepted to publish the project under the terms of the "Creative Commons - CC BY-NC 4.0" license.

Remember that this means that you authorize the organization to make the project visible to the public and those who see it can copy, distribute, display, perform and remix your work if they credit your name, but only for non- commercial purposes.

6. Validity of the changes made after enrollment

After the enrollment deadline, at 12pm of the 1st February a copy of your project has been freezed to be validated by the organization. This means that any further change you made to your project (yes you can still edit and modify your project by simply clicking on the project title in your profile page!) won’t be visible to the organization unless you ask explicitly to refresh your project.

Remember that if you made changes to your project and you want those changes to be visible to the judges, you have to communicate your will to the organization by using, for example, the “Need help?” button that you can find at the right bottom of the Stem Awards site page. When you’ll send your refresh request please attach the url of your project as you see it in editing mode.

The deadline for the refresh requests is March 10th. Any refresh request made to the organization after that deadline won’t be accepted.

7. Your entrance ticket to International STEM Awards 2020

If you are a participant who enrolled in the challenges and competes for the awards you don’t need to ask for a ticket to enter the event: if your project will successfully pass the validation phase you will receive a communication with the instructions to download your ticket.

But if you’ll come to the event with your family or your teachers or, in general, with a person who wants to participate as a visitor in the event, they must take their FREE entrance ticket by clicking the dedicated button on the STEM Awards site.

Remember that if they don’t have a ticket they can’t access the event.

8. Duplicated enrollments

As the guidelines state, each project may compete only in  one challenge.

If you enrolled your project in more than one challenge you’ll be asked by the organization to choose what is the enrollment you want to keep: when you will communicate your choice to the organization the other enrollments will be refused.

9. Why take care of your project online presentation

The International STEM Awards is a long lasting initiative that doesn't stop with the event of March 14th at the Politecnico of Milan. During the next months other online or live challenges will be launched by the organization and your project can participate again and compete to win other prizes.

The International STEM Awards platform will be a container full of good ideas and great projects where users can meet each other and share their passion for STEM. This is why you must try to keep your project clear and clean so that other people could better appreciate your work.

Furthermore in a next release of the platform we’ll create a backpack where you’ll be able to store and show your badges collected by participating in the challenges. The more the project is valuable, clear and clean the more your chance to be noticed and rewarded increases.