Dario Chiappetta - Docebo Data Scientist

Target: students, general audience

The rapid evolution of the tech world is leading to the emergence of new skills and job roles with a speed that has never faced nowadays.

Despite Docebo, e-learning company established in 2005 and listed at Canadian Stock exchange in 2019, aims to change the way people learn in the corporate sector applying Artificial Intelligence, it is also committed to create an environment where young talents can emerged. Therefore it has launched a dedicated campaign “ Docebo for new talent” in 2019 for promoting and influencing knowledge in the field machine learning and artificial intelligence in High Schools and Universities in order to reduce the gap between academic career and job market including the gender gap in the STEM field.

The initiative promoted by "Docebo for new talent" includes: lessons of Machine Learning and mobile development, summer camp for high school students, hackathons in Python Coding or in React Native.

Docebo believes that you have to increase awareness  within young talents to build the next generation of innovators.

The Docebo webinar will be hosted by Dario Chiappetta who will tell us about his career path and experience as a AI Data Scientist and how you can innovate the e-learning sector applying AI.