April the 10th, 2019 will be remembered as the day when the first-ever image of a black hole and its burning ring of gas were seen around the world.  

It was a great day for science and memorable date for women in STEM, also thank to the role played by the young scientist Katherine Bouman who, together with her colleagues, developed the algorithm that made the discovery possible.

Despite this exciting news, today women constitute only 25% of STEM industry. Among many reasons and according to eminent firm surveys, the lack of female role models stands out as one of the main causes.

In fact, in the '90s most of the women working in STEM were inspired in their professional choice by Dana Scully, the female X-files protagonist: read this article and discover the importance of role models in increasing girls' interest in STEM disciplines.

Now the American Association for the Advancement of Science is selecting 100 female STEM professionals and will coach them for the next two years to share and effectively communicate their stories through videos or live events to middle-school girls.

Who will be the new Dana Scully able to inspire the next generation of women working in STEM? Will the American initiative be followed by organizations from other countries?