You registered with the community and created your first project. Now you just have to enroll your project in one of the challenges to participate in the International STEM Awards 2020.

Enter your credentials and press the Login button.

You will be redirected to your profile page, where you will find the list of projects you have created.

... and below the list of projects you will find the list of challenges.

If you have reached this point, you will surely have a clear idea of ​​the challenge in which your project can compete: choose the challenge and press the Enroll button!

A popup opens with a list of your projects. Choose the project to enroll for the challenge and click the Select button.

A new popup will open asking you to indicate 1 to 3 subjects involved in your project and then confirm your registration for the challenge.

Remember that when you press the Confirm enrollment button, you "freeze" the project and make the content available for validation by the judges: it is the presentation of your project and therefore it must contain all the useful information so that the judges can understand what you have achieved. You can then continue to edit the project by integrating the information already present.

If the registration was successful you will see a confirmation message.

By pressing the Go back button or clicking outside the popup you will return to your projects page where you will notice that, next to the title of the project entered in the challenge, the symbol of a blue cup has appeared, to indicate that the project is registered to a challenge.

Now the registration of your project is completed and your project is waiting to be validated and admitted to the competition by the organizers.

An important note: the platform allows you to register the same project for multiple challenges or to register multiple projects for the competition, however you must always refer to the guidelines and in particular to what is reported in the "Eligibility of Projects" section. For example, for the International STEM Awards 2020, each participant or team is allowed to present only one project and each project can compete in a single challenge.

In case the project is non-compliant with the guidelines, the organizers will intervene by excluding the project from the competition, so read the guidelines carefully before proceeding with the registration of the project to the challenge.

If you have any doubts regarding the guidelines or the registration of the projects to the challenges, remember that you can contact us for a clarification or for help through the button "Do you need help?" that you find in the browser at the bottom right.