Vincenzo Di Nicola - Conio, Alice Melocchi - Multiply Labs, Arianna Ortelli - Novis, Jonathan Polotto - Involve Production

Target: students and general audience

A Panel by Chiara Brughera - Managing Director of SheTech con la partecipazione di Vincenzo De Nicola - Conio, Alice Melocchi - Multiply Labs, Arianna Ortelli - Novis, Jonathan Polotto - Involve Production.

Vincenzo Di Nicola is the co-founder and co-CEO of Conio. He has built patent awarded solutions that make cryptocurrencies easy and safe for the general public and financial institutions. Conio has been the very first company in the world to offer digital asset services to retail banks, releasing in March 2020 its integration with a top banking app (Hype).

Vincenzo is quite passionate about CBDCs and stablecoins, and he is working towards their mainstream adoption. With Conio, in February 2020 he has been featured in the Libra developer newsletter.

Vincenzo is also a member of the expert committee established by both the Italian government and the Republic of San Marino to draft their national strategy on Blockchain initiatives.

He grew professionally in Silicon Valley and the USA. Previously Vincenzo was the CTO and co-founder of GoPago (mobile payment startup in San Francisco which had a tech exit with Amazon), led the Real Time Behavioral Targeting teams at Microsoft (Redmond, USA and Beijing, China), and had a success story as an intern at Yahoo! (Sunnyvale, USA).

Vincenzo holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford.

Alice Melocchi was born in 1986. After earning her high-school diploma (Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi, Bergamo), she attended the faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Milan. After graduating cum laude with an experimental thesis, Alice was selected for a Ph. D. program in the field of pharmaceutical technology. Meanwhile she spent 9 months at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working within the Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing, and in 2015 earned her Ph. D. with a thesis on possible application of innovative manufacturing techniques, derived from other industrial fields, to the fabrication of dosage forms and drug delivery systems. Currently, she is a researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Milan. In 2016 Alice co-founded the startup Multiply Labs, where she holds the position of CSO in addition to her academic roles. The startup was selected, in 2016, for the summer batch of YCombinator and successfully closed a seed round of investments in the same year. The company aims at producing personalized drug-products by bringing robotics in the pharmaceutical field

Arianna Ortelli - Novis

Arianna Ortelli, 23, is a Business Administration student at the University of Turin with a strong passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. In April 2019 he founded NOVIS, a social impact startup, to concretely realize the idea of a gaming platform that can be used without sight. From the intuition to the realization less than a year passes: BlindConsole is the first virtual console that is 100% accessible to the blind. For the first time a blind person can experience autonomously the physical and emotional dimension of a video-game through touch and hearing, thanks to an innovative joystick that connects to the mobile phone. The team includes three engineers from the Polytechnic of Turin and also involves blind and visually impaired people from associations in the development, design and testing phases. Today the team is engaged in the development of the software platform and games, with the objective for 2020 to sell the first units through the Italian associations

Jonathan Polotto -  Involve Productions

Jonathan si occupa di produzione video sin da quando riprendeva le gite di scuola con la videocamera a cassette di papà. Negli anni, ha cercato di trasformare la sua grande passione nel suo lavoro, realizzando vari progetti di successo anche internazionale, collaborando con Le Iene di Mediaset, Sky, l'azienda londinese che produce il cubo di Rubik e tantissime altre realtà.

La comunicazione del XXI secolo è caratterizzata da idee di marketing folli, video mozzafiato e contenuti digitali di estremo impatto. Ecco come Jonny, CEO&creative director di Involve Productions, ha ideato il lancio di una pizza nello spazio.