Have you ever heard of Newton, gravity force, speed, acceleration, angular momentum, rotation axes? Probably yes, in some school classroom or in some educational video. But how many of you, of us, have ever fully understood these physical quantities or, more importantly, have ever been able to analyze them in action?

Simone Biles’ historic “triple-double” inspired Rhett Allain, an associate professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, which explains in this original and engaging article some of the most famous laws of Physics.

So Simone’s jump becomes the occasion to describe the action of the gravity force and the preservation of the horizontal speed, the double flip the angular momentum and its conservation, the triple twist the variation of the angular speed.

Just as Simone Biles seems to defy the laws of Physics by performing an extraordinary exercise that will remain in history, so Rhett Allain defies the cliché that Physics is a boring subject understandable only by a select number of people: probably he won’t be remembered as Simone Biles, but many students (and not only them) will be always grateful to him!